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Chazzie Masternova (The Monty Oum Project)
its the death anniversary of one of the greatest Animators I have known in the world, Monty Oum.
and this is my contribution to the Monty Oum Project.

Meet Chazzie Masternova. My RWBY OC
Color: Cyan

Team: CMYK (Comyk)
Check out other members of Team CMYK:
Majesty Yengarden
• Yin Khamael

Weapon: Supernova [Concept Design Soon]
It is a staff with flames on both of its edges which he uses for street performances, known as Fire Dancing. This weapon has Modes, Forms and Stages and it is powered by variations of fire dusts.
• Modes:
>> Standard Mode: Mode for Performance use.
>> Combat Mode: Mode for Battle. Blades appear on the edges of the staff. Hot blades inflict more damage.
• Forms:
>> Staff Form
>> Poi Form
>> Connected Poi Form
>> Chain Dart Form
>> Dragon Form
• Stages: Color of Flames, the higher the stage, the hotter the flame.
>> Stage 0: Off (No Flame)
>> Stage 1: Yellow and Red
>> Stage 2: White
>> Stage 3: Green
>> Stage 4: Blue (Cyan)
>> Hidden Stage: Black (Not hotter but holds a different effect and intended for character development)

Semblance: Thermal Vision
• Features: This is the concept of thermal imaging being seen in the user's eyes improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects' infrared radiation (or often called "heat signature") and creating an image based on that information. It detects tiny differences in temperature. The hotter an object is, the more radiation it emits in the user's vision. The user of this semblance can see through smoke, fog, haze and even illusions that are unaware of this semblance. This semblance is more suited for sensory type situations.
• Additional Features: This semblance gives the user a passive resistance to heat. This doesn't make the user immune to fire (Compared to Yang who is completely Fireproof), this just makes heat less painful than how it really is.
• Aura Consumption: Consumes more aura the longer the distance of the intended vision range. Consumes more aura the longer the semblance is active.
• Activation: This semblance can be freely activated and deactivated by the user.
• Character's Usage: Hitting opponents with Supernova leaves a hot temperature on the target. This allows Chazzie to use Thermal vision to detect the opponent whenever it tries to hide or escape. When being used, Chazzie holds Supernova behind so the weapon's flames doesn't interfere with his vision.

Fighting Style: Fire Dancing Mix Style of Bo Staff and Dart Rope.

• Jolly and Enthusiastic.
• The Leader in the group.
• Greedy when it comes to money.
• He likes doing pranks and likes to have a fun time.
• Likes to joke a lot, even if they're all not that funny.
• Often lazy to do responsibility stuff.
• Always finds ways to make himself smile and rarely seen with a sad face.
• Serious when it comes to battles.
• Hates eating fish. Likes sweet treats like chocolate bars, ice creams and cakes.

• Chazzie has always appreciated Performance arts and grew up in Mistral living in a school for children specialized in performance arts. He never really knew who his parents were, the school told him he was abandoned at the doorstep as a baby, so they took care of him but he had to work hard with the chores in return for the shelter and for the lessons he's learning. Sometimes he gets scolded a lot because he's always too lazy to do chores. Not knowing his parents, at first, he felt sad and crushed not knowing how it feels like to have the tender care of a Mother and a Father, but as he grew up, he gets over it and sometimes he forgets about it through meeting a lot of friends and finding more source of his happiness until he didn't care about it anymore that his only concern is the joy of living and learning arts.
• He started learning the art of fire dancing and started performing at a young age. However, the life in Mistral was tough and as time passed by, he decided to go travel so he could share his passion to the world. But he realized it won't be easy surviving outside as he is aware there are dangers lurking in every corner. So he started converting Fire Dancing into a fighting style in order to survive. during his times of training, he started personalizing all his Fire Dancing equipment and came up with a transformable weapon that can be used for performances and battles, capable of transforming into other types of Fire Dancing equipment, and capable of generating flames with varied level of heat.
• He met Magesty Yengarden, a young girl and a lower class student of the school who studies a different form of art and came from a rich family. She accidentally passed by on him while training and became interested in learning how to fight too. So they trained combat together using their own forms of art. There are also other students who wanted to learn how to fight and trained with them too, but they're all minor characters and not important in the plot.
• When he was about to leave Mistral to travel the world, Magesty decided to come with him and travel together. He discovered his semblance during the start of their journey while being attacked by grimm and getting separated from each other. They somehow managed to survive and with the use of his semblance, he was able to detect the whereabouts of Magesty.
#045 - Eelectric
ID (Regional Dex): 45
Name: Eelectric
Type1: Electric
Type2: None
Stage: Basic
Region: Draco
Evolved from: None
Evolves into: Electray in Lv 32 / Jellyctric in Lv 36
Rarity: Common

Abilities: Swift Swim / Volt Absorb
Hidden Ability: Static

The Eel PoKeMoN. This PoKeMoN gives off electricity 2 meters in diameter from its body to repel nearby predators.
#001 - Avialeaf
ID (Regional Dex): 1
Name: Avialeaf
Type1: Grass
Type2: Flying
Stage: Basic
Region: Draco
Evolved from: None
Evolves into: Feathorchid
Rarity: Starter

Abilities: Overgrow
Hidden Ability: Chlorophyl

The Green Bird PoKeMoN. This PoKeMoN releases a repelling scent by flapping its wings as it flies. It is difficult to spot this PoKeMoN whenever it stay by a tree or spends its time on grasslands.
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Well.. I just wanna advertise a contest... But I don't know if I still need to but because of the fact that its less than a week left til deadline... but here it is... Check it out...


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